Create a PrestaShop Store on Ubuntu 14.04

PrestaShop is a wildly popular internet shopping cart application with a very loyal following. It was developed for use with PHP and MySQL. There are thousands of templates and modules to create a custom e-commerce experience.

For the instructions, you will need to have LAMP already installed on your VPS. Our instructions for installing LAMP on Ubunutu 14.04 can be found here.

The instructions were verified on InterServer`s OpenVZ VPS Hosting service, utilizing Ubuntu 14.04 64 minimal.


  • LAMP installed. See our instructions.
  • InterServer’s OpenVZ VPS Hosting with Ubuntu 14.4 64-bit (instructions are for minimal distribution, but should work for regular distribution as well).
  • Putty or similar SSH client
  • root login and password or an account capable of sudo


Start by updating packages:

  • sudo apt-get update

Now will install unzip, since our file is in zip format:

  • sudo apt-get install zip unzip


PrestaShop will need a database created in MySQL, along with a user name and password. Run mysql client and log in:

  • sudo mysql -u root -p

You will need to copy and paste each line. Change the highlighted values to values you want (most important are user and password).

  • CREATE USERpresta_user@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
  • GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ONpresta.* TOpresta_user@localhost;
  • exit

Write down the values you entered, because we will need to use the to configure PrestaShop.

Install PrestaShop

Change directories to ~

  • cd ~

Download PrestaShop (you may need to change the version to the newest one listed here)

  • wget

Unzip the contents, to our web server's public directory:

  • sudo unzip prestashop_*.zip -d /var/www/html/

Will give Apache ownership of this new directory:

  • chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html/prestashop/

Clean up:

  • rm prestashop_*.zip

Configure PrestaShop

In your web browser, visit:


At every step, hit "Next" when finished. Notice a there are links to tutorials, and documentation.

Test your connection:

Take note of your user name and password.

Clean up:

You will notice the notice: "For security purposes, you must delete the "install" folder."

Let's do that:

  • sudo rm -rf /var/www/html/prestashop/install

Additional security steps:

If you have ever analyzed traffic logs on a site with a shopping cart or CMS, you may have noticed a lot of rejected attempts made against the /admin area. Since this is e-commerce, you want to make sure you mitigate against any threats. Doing so, is easy enough. Will just rename it to something else. In this case, will name it after a dog, Fido. You can name it after your dog or anything else you will be able to remember:

  • sudo mv /var/www/html/prestashop/admin /var/www/html/prestashop/fido

Test it, by visiting:

  • `

Login as an admin and take the tour (this has demo information on it):

You can make changes on the admin side, and view them on

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